Smash Room

Introducing the latest craze to New Mexico

Have the stresses of everyday life ever been too much? We have a solution for you. Somewhere you can let all of your stress and anger out. No judgement, no consequences.
Or maybe, you’re just looking to have a good time with some friends. Experience the latest Rage Room, Smash Room craze in Albuquerque.

Step One

Reserve your time online. Entrance Fee is $15 and choose from a wide variety of start times. Click the book now button to reserve your time.

Book Now
Step Two

Sign your waivers. Get ahead of the game and sign your waiver before you come in.

Sign Waiver
Prepare to Smash

Start your experience by suiting up with our safety protective equipment. Come prepared with thick soled shoes as you will soon begin smashing stuff up!

Pick your Smash Items

Choose your items to smash:
$10 per Bucket of 10 Items


Enjoy the Largest Smash Room!!!

Have the stresses of everyday life ever been too much?

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